AquaAmp – The newest wireless Qi chargers for your phones

Everyone is looking to charge their cell phones wirelessly, using the newest 10W Qi waterproof chargers.  AquaAmp brings safe, waterproof wireless 10W phone charging to all boat, marine, ATV, RV and outdoor powersport users with the latest slip resistant, flush mounted or subsurface charger designs.  


AquaAmp 10W Waterproof Wireless Chargers

The AquaAmp 10W 12V / 24V waterproof Qi wireless charging systems are fully sealed and come with an industry leading IPX6 waterproof rating.  Designed to be both heat resistant and UV stable, AquaAmp chargers provide safe wireless charging for your iPhone, Google Pixel, LG or Samsung Galaxy Qi compatible phones or devices.  Using a powerful 10W charging system, AquaAmp’s waterproof wireless chargers will provide quick, reliable wireless charging for your devices on any flat surface (for sailboats, powerboats, RV’s, ATV’s , Jet Skis, or any other powersports and marine vehicles that require safe outdoor weatherproof charging).  Easy to install, with slip resistant surfaces available, the AquaAmp waterproof chargers are ideal for cord free charging of all your Qi certified devices. 


The Qi wireless charging standard is the preeminent certification process that is used by industry leaders to ensure that power transfer via magnetic induction from a transmitter (AquaAmp wireless chargers) to a power receiver (phone, tablet, earbuds, etc) is interoperable and safe for devices.  Qi certified devices use a time varying magnetic field to transfer inductive power wirelessly.  Intelligent communication between the transmitter and receiver allows the right amount of power transfer for a given phone and system, making the chargers almost fool proof.  The power transmitter and receiver can be anywhere from 1-6mm apart, with a 3mm gap being common (allowing chargers to be mounted underneath thin surfaces >3mm).  The Qi wireless charging standards also incorporate foreign object detection, so Qi chargers are design to be safe even when objects like keys or coins are placed on top of, or between, the transmitter and receiver.  AquaAmp chargers are designed to the latest 2021 Qi Wireless standards, giving AquaAmp customers the security of knowing their systems are the safest and most up to date on the market.


Independently Certified

AquaAmp carries Qi, CE, FCC, ROHS, UNECE R10 E24, and RCM certifications